Vision, mission and my aggression!

The beginnings..

I have two words for you. Indian girl.

Career, life, finding a decent husband etc etc all choices are dominated by parents. Right from an early childhood the importance of being a doctor (noble profession) was reinforced on me.

At 14 being a full time student and part time leo, I found a new passion. Literature. Being a voracious reader and having a new found love for writing, I set my sights on the best college in the city of Mumbai.

Although there was a different blueprint of my career in making by my father. I distinctly remember the day I was summoned by him and before me lay the three year concrete plan that would lead me into the field of medicine, Oh that plan! It included how I had to be dedicated and disciplined in my studies, travel miles to attend expensive classes, cut off time with friends and yes the very important aspect, “no mingling with boys”.

My dad has surgically excised my love for literature with the very famous old adage, “it was my dream to be a doctor and due to lack of resources could not fulfil it, so its you who should do so”.

And so began my journey, endless classes, no boyfriends, lack of social life and sights set on a prestigious medical school.

All was well until I faced my worst enemy, the medical entrance exams!

David vs Goliath or more like thousands competing for a handful of medicine seats.

All was well until I fell in love…………..

(to be continued in next part)



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