Medical school; my bitter chocolate

Dressed smartly in my new white apron, pride in my heart, head full of hopes and dreams I managed to find my first class.

The anatomy dissection lab. Eight cadavers bathing in formaldehyde, groups of students around each and professors hurdled in a corner. I made my way to the assigned table. Eager to meet the people with whom I would be sharing classes for the rest of the year. Now being from the most happening city in my country, I was astonished to meet these people. Don’t get me wrong! I wasn’t the Lindsay Lohan of my school before, yet I felt like one. I mean these people were from all over the country! Small towns, villages, districts etc etc. It was a realization, maybe a good one, India is not just Bombay but a mix of so many different regions and languages.

Anyway moving on, after the initial shock of having to poke knives into a dead body I faced yet another, ragging. As I was walking back to my hostel, a large group of senior boys surrounded me. “You have attitude problem”, “how dare you wear jeans for classes”, “you think you are special because you live in a city?”, “lets show her how to respect seniors”. Guys, I was 18, a nerd, naïve and terrified to the core. All I could do was cry and run towards my building.

I reached my room all upset and terrified. Far from home. In a new place. Well let me explain the irony. When being the only person in the class to make it into medical school, u suddenly expect things to get better. Well they don’t! My friends pursuing a career in other fields went on to study in London, Melbourne and New York. And where did I land? A small village in a rural district, in the interior parts of my state. Amazing right?

Anyway, as I paced in the hostel corridors on my cell phone talking away my sadness I stumbled upon a door. Just like the one in chronicles of Narnia, it opened to something awesome. Well beyond the door were people with whom I would go on to build the most amazing relationships in my life. My friends. (will talk about them in my later posts).

Like Moses, we all received a few commandments.

  1. No jeans to classes. (salwar kurta with shawl that covered all lady parts).
  2. keep your hair tied up at all times.
  3. Greet your seniors every time you pass by them.
  4. No girl-boy interactions.

Well I cannot remember the entire list, but these were some of the rules.

Weird right? Yeah it took me quite a while to adapt to these. Though it lasted just for 2 months.

Well these were just a few highlights from my first month at school.

So I shall continue some more later…………

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