Relative(s) rebellion

My tryst with social norms.


I have grown up in a fairly modern Indian family. Having completed my medical school and specialist training in India, I moved abroad for further fellowship exams. My parents have been very supportive of my journey so far although my mother does worry about her ‘29 years old single daughter’.

My relatives and friends have always been very concerned about me. Well sometimes their concern overflows!

When you show up for a family event;

1. Everyone is surprised that you were able to make it inspite of your busy schedule. (Other people have jobs too, not just doctors!)

2. You are very pleasently questioned as to what have you contributed in this particular family event eg. cooking, decorations, shopping etc etc

3. Why do you have to go back to work the very next day?

4. The advice: being career oriented is fine, what about family life? Date a nice guy and settle down soon and have lots of kids before your biological clock ticks.

5. You can put in a central line, but can you cook as well?

6. The comparisons. When your cousins are married and well settled. Why can’t you do the same?

When you don’t show up;

1. She is always working. She never has time for the family. No respect.

2. She gives her job way too much importance.

3. She has crossed her ‘marriageable’ age.

4. Her parents are not bothered about her.

I do miss out on family events. I am never updated on family front. But I do try my best to be as involved as possible. Medicine is not about money or just a job to me. Its my passion. I am yet to strike the right balance.

They love you when you are gone, yet hate to see you leave…..

3 thoughts on “Relative(s) rebellion”

  1. That magic word you seek….BALANCE. It is a word with shifting borders that constantly needs re-evaluation to attain (over and over again.) Since life is dynamic, one should not be surprised that BALANCE requires ongoing effort. The more experiences we have in life, the easier it becomes to apply this knowledge to personal growth and development.

    You will never be able to satisfy all those loved ones who mean well. Therefore, satisfying your own needs through (1) establishing meaningful values, (2) developing and practicing professional ethics and morals and (3) experiencing the joys in living life should provide a strong foundation for you to build upon through the many years in front of you.

    I’m excited for you on this journey you begin!! 🙂

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  2. Try prioritising….balancing is a jugglers act…always walking the tight-rope. u r never sure whether u hv gone too far…trying to please everyone …and in that course displeasing yourself….Prioritise and reprioritise….revalidate…u will know what is important at that point of time…My take…My life…Life isa lemon…but u don’t get ut money back


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