Nomadic stability

A place for my head to rest…

I shall be going home soon for a short vacation and I am certainly thrilled. Its been six months since I moved to UK and getting adapted to the chilly weather has been quite Herculian task for me. Being from a tropical country, I am quite a beach person.

In the past 11 years I have lived in 3 different cities. Mostly the hostel life as a part of medical training.

I have never owned any piece of furniture. However I love browsing through online or in malls and dream about how I would be designing my own space someday. Technically I still live with my parents, but my room and space has been taken over by my sibling.

My parents are extremely supportive in whatever I choose to do. In the culture that I grew up in a girl transitions from her parents’ house to husband’s. Well I am midway.

I cannot predict the future. Given my zest for education, it could take me anywhere. The idea of stability scares me in terms of life becoming too mundane. But keeping aside my fears, I do wish to own my space, a place that would represent calm in the chaos that surround me. A place I can eventually transform into a home.Well certainly that’s something I would be looking forward in the upcoming new year.

Home is where the heart is.

2 thoughts on “Nomadic stability”

  1. Doc,
    When u set up ur den….reserve a place for ur memories….wherever u go….take a bite of the place with u bak….so u hv it with u for the rest of ur life….and its not knick-knacks alone….keep pics of crazy outings..kickass parties……beautiful places……..all urs …for a long time…for a lifetime…….Enjoy ur break….

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