It was love and nothing more….

Conceived in my mind, born through my pen.

A poem composed by me

We met on life’s journey and instantly our hearts felt connected,

Time spent, words exchanged lead us in believing one future,

Destinations separate, we walked towards east and west.

Few years of commitment and we boasted about life,

Through thick and thin we did stand together, but those were just a few blows of wind,

Maturity made fools out of us, leading in the blind world of true love.

Eventually passion rekindled our romance, one thing leading to another,

Two immature people becoming one, without realizing its depth,

Interfered in God’s plan and made a rule,’made for one another’.

Now I see life laughing at me through its meanest grin,

I, a natural fool, expected mountains out of mole hills,

Accepted the illusion that everything only belonged to me,

Now heart has stopped beating, and brain started ticking.

Love doesn’t mean you own a persons life,

Sacrifice, easy to say, but difficult as counting specks of sand,

My immaturity facts are brought to light,

After all it was just love between us, and nothing more…..

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