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Instagram vs blogging

Fake vs anonymous life….

I am an active ‘instagrammer’. I post selfies, travel pics, things I buy, things I own. Sounds like a self obsessed person, doesn’t it? Well it took me a long time to accept the harsh reality. In no time I went from being an instagrammer to being instaobsessed.

I started blogging very recently, and after some introspection I was able to compare the two.


Well I have been posting on instagram since 2013. Isn’t it like a great platform? People from all over the world posting pictures. A great way to show others what we have been upto.

For every single picture I post, it takes me 20-30 minutes to select it, edit, add filters which make me look flawless, add hashtags and then post it. When I go out I feel the need to click the moments and post it so people can see me and appreciate what I do. Haha and that appreciation is in the form of followers I gain and likes I get.

Like me there are so many people out there. So now I get to live my life, filtered, edited and validated by strangers! And what did I gain from this? Momentary superficial pleasure. I wasn’t contributing anything through this platform. I wasn’t learning. All I did was compare my life with others.


I started blogging a month back. I used to compose poems and write essays in the past. After a while I stopped feeling inspired. I gave up writing. Immersed myself in education and work. One night it got me thinking. All I concentrate on is work. I am not a literature genius, but atleast I used to write. And I had given up that too. So if I were to disconnect myself from being a doctor, I would be stripped naked!

So I wanted to make an attempt. And hence the blog. To be honest with you, right now I am on night shift, writing this blog. I come across so many inspiring people here on wordpress. Every single comment from you guys on whatever I write gives me so much happiness. I am motivated to think. Its like rebuilding a part of my personality. I blog anonymously but I tell real stories.

I am making attempts to instastop!

4 thoughts on “Instagram vs blogging”

  1. The best decisions come from the heart. The mind typically validates the hearts sentiments. Find happiness, joy and fulfillment in your professional and personal life. The ongoing balancing act will keep you plenty busy. Don’t concern yourself with what other’s think. Satisfaction is NEVER caused by others; it comes from deep within our souls. Here you will find contentment, meaning and purpose. This understanding truly improves the quality of life. 🙂

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  2. Hi Doc,
    Just penning my thoughts. Ever heard of the carrot at the end of the stick. I feel we r all raised from childhood with a carrot at the end of the stick. study well…u will get into a good prep school(carrot). dress nicely…u will catch someones eyes(another carrot) good in ur prep school…u will get into a good professional course….. and burn ur ass….u will get a good job, a good partner, make a lots of money.. The thing is, nobody tells us, find some joy in studies….find joy in dressing up…find joy in ur work….its always the carrot which matters. always the end..not the journey…..And it hits u smtime in the course of life. U hv started to blog again cos its something which gives u joy…and that means ur evolving….I don’t agree with Darwin ….and I don’t think evolution always makes things better….For me evolution and change means only one thing…..LIFE exists…Welcome back to life..Doc

    P.S: When u get tired of blogging sm day( hopefully u won’t, cos i enjoy ur blogs) and think of doing smoothing else….remember its the ancient DNA in u doing it…Otherwise we would still be hanging from trees… :). So instatimes is nothing to b looked down upon..

    I overdid it, I think. I am not a philosophy nut

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