A woman….

Created with the purpose of companionship, she makes a man’s life complete.

So gentle, so meek, with no powers to behold, she seems so petite.

She faces a battle all through her life, her integrity being questioned even before birth.

She is scrutinised with accusing eyes, the torment doesn’t end even when she returns to earth.

She is the greatest symbol of love and strength, makes every man fall in debt to her womb.

Fears not a herculian task, can even make mountains move.

She is the epitome of beauty, dignity and purity are the jewels she adorns.

She drapes feminity around her, modesty is what she carries all along.

As her life proceeds, she unravels her abilities. As a lover, she is passionate, as a mother, she seems divine.

As a woman she has been a inspiration to all till date.

Such a beautiful persona needs to be respected. Not perceived as a lustful object.

Some believe in ruling her over, but her role as God’s angel, one cannot reject.