Meine dilemma…

Far and far as I keep walking, distance I measure, depth goes ignored.

I dive, I delve, I whirl, I swirl, keep walking, unalarmed of the trench that lies below.

Like the sea, I know, I can never bind the shore, yet, each moment I weaken the shoreline by my wetness.

Rivers come in and fulfill me, yet my heart lies at the coast.

Today I stand at a point, a place to which leads two ways, one I know its destination, another seems foggy, stony path.

The paradoxical heart leads me towards the invincible.


A woman….

Created with the purpose of companionship, she makes a man’s life complete.

So gentle, so meek, with no powers to behold, she seems so petite.

She faces a battle all through her life, her integrity being questioned even before birth.

She is scrutinised with accusing eyes, the torment doesn’t end even when she returns to earth.

She is the greatest symbol of love and strength, makes every man fall in debt to her womb.

Fears not a herculian task, can even make mountains move.

She is the epitome of beauty, dignity and purity are the jewels she adorns.

She drapes feminity around her, modesty is what she carries all along.

As her life proceeds, she unravels her abilities. As a lover, she is passionate, as a mother, she seems divine.

As a woman she has been a inspiration to all till date.

Such a beautiful persona needs to be respected. Not perceived as a lustful object.

Some believe in ruling her over, but her role as God’s angel, one cannot reject.


Sweet child of mine….

For the man I fell in love with unconditionally……

Unaware as I was, facing alone the strife, when destiny seeded you in me, at the crossroads of my life.

Not my womb, but my heart I choose, to nurse you like a bud of rose.

As time passed you were still unknown, until my soul inside began to moan.

I could feel our hearts beating in a rhythm, a fact that I, jus couldn’t fathom.

With time you grew in me, our souls entangled, me battling the forces upon you which were angled.

Just as I realized your presence; me, you had conquered, my senses, my life, all to you were anchored.

My sweet child you give me eternal happiness, giving me strength to put my life out of mess.

In me I have kept you safe and strong, nursed you tenderly, shielded you against the wrong.

Part of me, to you my child, I dedicate, unsure of what in future for me awaits.

In me I have moulded, caressed you dearly, my love, warmth holding on to you tightly.

My baby you mean the word to me, yet my love you fail to see.

The time is passing, soon I will have to set you free, all this while my trapped soul is crying out, just with you to be.